Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Booking Conferences; Horn Workshops

The term 'booking conference' refers to 5 or so major conferences in our industry. While there are a lot more, these 5 cover most of the places where chamber music groups like ourselves can get noticed. They are the Western Arts Alliance, Midwest Arts, Performing Arts Federation, Arts Presenters, and Chamber Music America. Groups showcase at them (see Tuesday@2; 4/11/06) and sell themselves and their products on exhibit floors. Not a lot of business takes place, but a lot of contacts are made in a short period of time. At the next board meeting, we'll be deciding whether QUADRE should have a booth at the upcoming Western Arts Alliance conference in September at Long Beach's convention center.

Since our group is made up of entirely horn players (duh), horn workshops are another great place for us to gain exposure. Typically 50-400 people gather for these workshops. There are recitals, masterclasses, vendors, and lots of chances to connect with your colleagues and peers. QUADRE was a featured artist at the 2000 Southeast Horn Workshop in Alabama. I also gave a lecture on our industry at the 2003 International Horn Symposium in Indiana. Just a few minutes ago, QUADRE was invited to perform at the next Western US Horn Symposium in Las Vegas at the end of October, 2006. This is truly exciting news. They heard our latest CD and would be thrilled to have us come out. While the details still need to be worked out, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to perform for our peers.

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