Tuesday, July 18, 2006

KMVT Community TV; Compasspoint

As many of you are aware, Mountain View has its own community television station, cable 15. They are a non-profit organization and have programming everyday that runs the gamut: local sports games to HealthTalk to Indian Vegetarian Gourmet. (See www.kmvt15.org for additional programming information.) They also offer nonprofit media solutions at - they like to say - "twice the quality at half the cost." I'm talking to them about possibly filming our concert in December as well as capturing our organization's heart & soul for promotional purposes. Please take a moment to get to know this wonderful asset in the Mountain View community.

This is the organization that sponsored the 'Nonprofit Day' that I attended a week ago. They have tons of resources at their website to look at: www.compasspoint.org. In particular, I recommend you check out the funders directory for the Silicon Valley at the following link: http://www.compasspoint.org/funders/index.php?pid=126. Lots of useful information here.

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