Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attending Symphony Concerts; Showcases

From: John Steinmetz (bassoon player in LA; past mentor for QUADRE)
A wonderful essay by Alex Shapiro (composer in Los Angeles) about bringing newcomers to symphony concerts. Scroll down after hitting the link.

Did you know that QUADRE applies for four showcases every year. It is a competitive process to see whether you can get a chance to perform at a booking conference. If you're one of the lucky ones selected, you still have to pay for the privilege. It usually costs between $500-650. You also have to have a booth at the conference - another $500-650. Not to mention the cost for flying all the artists to the conference as well as paying for hotel, ground transportation, and food. The opportunity to perform for presenters can be great, but you better have some disposable income ready.

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