Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Music Publishing; Quotes About Citrus

Every piece on Citrus is going to be published by Emerson Horn Editions based in Colorado over the next two years. To get a work published you have to proofread the heck out of it. Not only are you looking for spelling mistakes, but every single dot, line, and letter have to be in the right place. Often the music that QUADRE plays in performance is readable by us, but it is not in state where it can be published yet. We often make all sort of corrections and because we know or are the composer, there is always someone listening for mistakes. Once you get something published, you have to leave that decision up to whomever purchases your music.

I like your (Nathan's) music. QUADRE sounds fabulous. The group is just really, really great.
Thomas Bacon, SUMMIT BRASS, Professional Hornist - Yamaha Artist

Thank you so much for the copy of your newest CD, Citrus. It is an excellent disc, and clearly shows how much your ensemble has grown over the past decade. I was so impressed by the playing throughout the group, and I think your (Daniel's) composition was great, too.
Michael Thornton, COLORADO SYMPHONY, Principal Horn

I just wanted to write to tell you that I've been listening to the QUADRE CD with great pleasure. What a beautiful program, and fantastic playing. Well-recorded, too. I'm really impressed, and I'm very pleased that ACF could play a small part in bringing this to the world.

Your CD is great. The level of virtuosity caught me offguard. You guys are playing your asses off. Holy cow. Nice writing too Daniel!! I heard echoes of all kinds of things I like, plus a lot that
I didn't expect in a score for four horns. Nimble is right.
Todd Sickafoose, TODD SICKAFOOSE GROUP, Jazz Composer & Bass Player

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