Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Horn Range; Board Perks

An old joke - A composer asks a music teacher what the range of the horn is. The music teacher replies, About 60 feet if you have a good arm. Seriously, the horn has a four octave range and then some. Some professionals even have a five octave range. That is 61 notes!! This is one of the reasons the horn quartet genre works so well. We are capable of playing in the range of a soprano and a bass.

The primary duty of a board of directors is to maintain fiduciary responsibility for the organization. Being focused on long term goals for the most part (while staff focus on short term duties), board members are keenly aware and in tune with the resources of an organization. They help prevent an organization from getting in trouble financially and create a plan for long-term growth and security. The next board meeting on May 11 in Foster City will focus on next years budget with this in mind.

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