Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Music in the Schools and Publishing

This week's tidbits are inspired by the emails I've received in the last 48 hours. Now how did we get on before email came along? I wonder.

Melissa Hendrickson, a former member of QUADRE from 1998-2001, sent me this wonderful link for a blog she frequents. The author who goes by tristero makes reference to an individual who believes schools should do away completely with all fictional content. Tristero's response, I believe, is completely inspired! :-) Another blog that also offers a response is written by Chad Orzel. His blog is here.

You may wonder how the music that gets played in our concerts gets in the hands of the artists. Well, for music that has been written and performed before, much of it is available to purchase from a music store. Like a bookstore, the music store buys their music from publishers. In the case of a lot of the music QUADRE plays though, it is unpublished. We have to call up friends of friends to get music that some woman who plays the horn in Canada has written. Or it is a piece that one of us in the group composed. In the case of the latter, I am starting to get each of them published with Emerson Horn Editions in Colorado.

The first work to be published is Reason to Rhyme by yours truly. It will be available to purchase for the first time at the International Horn Symposium in Switzerland mid-July. After almost ten years, it is nice to see our music make its way into the hands of horn enthusiasts.

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