Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Digital Downloads and Engaging Art

Hello everyone. This week's installment is care of two emails in the inbox. Nothing like electronic inspiration!

QUADRE's music from its latest CD, Citrus can now be downloaded electronically from PayPlay.fm - an MP3 download store that is selling our music as part of CD Baby's Digital Distribution.

They work kind of like Apple's iTunes except that there is no software that needs to be installed. As CD Baby's CEO, Derek Sivers says, "They've got a nice easy-to-use website that is a great no-nonsense place to send fans that want to buy your MP3s. And since they're regular MP3 files, they'll work in every computer, and any portable player."

So if you know anyone that loves to download MP3 files, point them to PayPlay. They have a huge selection.

Douglas McLennan has written a new book titled, Engaging Art: The Next Great Transformation of America's Cultural Life. View abstracts of the book by clicking here. I especially found chapter 4 to be compelling as it discussed how the culture of the arts has changed into passive and active models of participation. I feel strongly that the more one engages with the audience through the given art form, the more connected and satisifed the patrons are. Rather than watch the canvas come alive before my eyes, I'd rather be the canvas.

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