Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Top 10 Ways to Stay Front and Center

Ann F. Mason-the executive director of the Pittsburgh Renaissance & Baroque Society-shares a little list of effective ways to promote ones ensemble with presenters no matter what medium you're in. It was printed in the Winter issue of Early Music America's magazine.

So instead of two items this week, you get ten. Woohoo! For more information on Early Music America, click here.

Written by Ann F. Mason
10. Always send your most recent CD.
9. Proof your press materials.
8. Update your bio regularly.
7. Have a professional group photo.
6. Keep it current.
5. Keep in touch.
4. Do your homework.
For example, don't send horn quartet literature to a guitar club. By the way, we haven't done that yet. ;)
3. Be a promotional machine.
2. Be ready to sell your CDs.
1. Connect with your audience.

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