Tuesday, September 12, 2006

International Musician; Cornucopia

It is the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. (Interesting it is called the "International" musician don't you think?!) Anyway, it is a monthly magazine that lists - with the musician in mind - the latest gadgets, health issues, reports, and job listings from around the country. This last one is the most important since this is how we find out about music jobs that pay a living (and non-living) wage in North America. In 2003, QUADRE listed openings in the job section. It may be something that we'll consider again given our current situation. I'll bring a couple copies of the magazine to the next meeting. If you're interested, they also have a companion website at http://www.internationalmusician.org.

On a much smaller scale, Marilyn Bone Kloss - an amateur horn enthusiast - publishes a periodical of news and articles for anyone interested in the horn. It is a publication of the New England Horn Society. It tends to be focused on East coast activities and the larger horn symposiums which she always attends. The latest publication that is sitting on my desk talks about the 2006 IHS (International Horn Symposium) in Cape Town, South Africa. It had about 100 people in attendance and was - by far - the most intimate horn conference in recent memory. She has an interesting perspective on life in the horn community and helps us all to see different angles. Their web site is http://www.hornnewengland.org.

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