Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chamber Music America; Humorous Lesson Policies

OK. You're on the board for a chamber music group OR you play in one. Someone comes up to you and asks you what's the definition of chamber music after you tell them how fabulous QUADRE is. (Sound familiar?)

Well, who do you go to for the answer? Chamber Music America, of course!! They are the national service organization for the chamber music profession. Their website is www.chamber-music.org/events/. They are the ones that send you that Chamber Music magazine every other month. We received our Rural Residency grant from them (that year in Alabama in 1999-2000) & they have been strong advocates for us since the beginning.

So check out their website. If you're interested, come to New York with me in January for the conference. We can share a room and have a ton of fun. And by the way, they have defined chamber music to be "an ensemble of 2-10 players with one person on a part without a conductor."

From John Lampkin; Click here to view the PDF.
Don't play a wrong note. It might cost you something in John's private studio.

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