Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Northwest on Tour; Define: Self-Produced Concerts & Curating Presenters

Congratulations to us! QUADRE has been accepted into Northwest on Tour - the acclaimed juried roster book of touring and performing artists, that Arts Northwest produces bi-annually. NW on Tour is used extensively by presenters west coast wide. Publication is targeted for summer 2006. In addition to attending booking conferences & advertising in trade magazines like the Horn Call, being part of Northwest on Tour is another great way to get our name out there to presenters.

Both of the above terms are bandied about a lot in our industry. And they can be confusing because sometimes they are used together. Self-produced concerts refers to any event that an organization puts on themselves. In the case of a performing music group like QUADRE, the events that we have done at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts count as self-produced concerts since we rent the hall, raise the grant money to help pay for it, advertise the event to sell tickets, and produce the artistic product. Curating presenters are people hired by a university, community or concert hall itself, to create a season for a venue. Often they have a budget - that they help raise - to pay to bring in particular artists for their season. A curating presenter helps produce concerts for a venue. From QUADRE's perspective, we want to get as many curating presenters to notice us and hire aka 'book' us on their season.

Simply put, QUADRE is always performing a form of self-produced concerts. When we produce them, we do all the work. When we get a curating presenter to produce them, they do most of the work.

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