Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Global Musicians for Peace; Horn Call Review of "Citrus"

By Andrea Shalal-Esa

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thirty young musicians from 18 countries including Iran, Mexico, Denmark and South Korea are fanning out across the United States this month to perform in the hope of teaching cross-cultural understanding.

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By John Dressler
What could possibly be new for horn quartet? We've got the American Horn Quartet and the Transatlantic Horn Quartet. Doesn't that just about sum it up? Not on your life! Here are four amazingly talented young hornists with some very hip music for audiences of all ages, not just the musically-trained hornist! These are peppy, jazz-based pieces with some sort of dance element in nearly all of them. As the variety of titles suggests, one will encouter Latin/Spanish rhythms, American idioms, and other contrasts of setting. There are movements of slow tempi with some beautiful cantabile melodies as well. The quartet's blend, intonation, and musical interpretation are excellent. In many spots, they almost sound like one person doing a multi-track recording. There are moments of inspiration, sorrow, silliness, love, virtuosic display, but above all: just plain fun. I wish the group had chosen to open their disc with Wiggins' Fanfare rather than close it since it is the only more "academically-sounding" work and showcases each of the players well. It is idiomatic writing at its finest. It was commissioned in 2000 as "something brilliant" for the opening of QUADRE's concerts - they certainly go it! QUADRE feels passionately about arts education. Their interactive programs for children and adults combine music, choreography, and drama in a wonderfully positive musical experience. Check out this disc for some fresh sounds from this up-and-coming professional quartet.

(Appeared in 'The Horn Call' May 2006 issue. The magazine included musician names and listed the contents of the disc. This periodical is a journal for the International Horn Society. QUADRE has been posting news items and advertisements in the journal since 2001.)

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